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Speech and Language Therapy

We provide individualized therapy sessions, where the child is made to learn the language and the parents are taught how to provide the right environment to their children for language training. We have qualified speech and language therapists for the same. Speech and language therapy is recommended for hearing impaired children as well as a varied range of speech and language disorders. 

The process of speech is majorly dependent upon hearing. To state the obvious, a child speaks what he hears. For the kids with hearing problems, grasping the language is really difficult and not likely. A child learns the most during his infancy and once that period has passed, the learning process slows down. Therefore, for a hearing impaired infant, it is not possible to have a perfect hold over his speech even after he starts wearing a hearing aid or receives cochlear implants. 

To take care of that, we provide speech therapies. After determining the learning pace of the child, the method is customized according to the child’s needs.