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About Us

Asha Kiran speech & language habilitation centre is a pioneer institution in Jaipur, Rajasthan, in the field of cochlear implant & habilitation of hearing challenged children. It was founded by Rita Piplani who is in the field of giving language to hearing impaired children since 1992

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you couldn’t hear? There would be no verbal language which you could understand. You wouldn’t have a favourite singer. No phone calls either. How inconvenient, right? There are millions who dream that they could hear. Hearing loss occurs in 5 out of every 100 newborns. With the advancement in technology, we have come up with ways to overcome this disability. 

Situated in the heart of Jaipur, ‘Asha Kiran Speech and Language Habilitation Center’ is the first institution to instigate Cochlear Implants and Habilitation facilities for the hearing and speech impaired children in this city. Its foundation stone was laid in the year 1992 by the director, Mrs. Rita Piplani, who had an aim to ultimately defeat the impairment using her knowledge and technology as the armour.  

Standing true to its name, ‘Asha Kiran’ extends a ray of hope for those who are born differently abled. With our dedicated team of qualified professionals, we are deeply rooted to our mission statement of inducing in them, the capability to hear, speak and comprehend.

Let us help you take your first step towards a brighter future.  

Our main focus is on

  • Early identification of hearing loss through latest technologies in audiological assessment.
  • Proper fitting of amplification devices (hearing aids, cochlear implants) according to the hearing loss of children.
  • Early speech and language training of the child in collaboration with the parents to ensure optimum language development of the child.
  • To integrate children into normal school setups.
  • To ensure lifelong audiological support and management to hearing impaired children.
  • To provide lifelong guidance and support to parents and children.


  1. Audiological diagnostic services
  2. Hearing aid fitting
  3. Speech & language therapy
  4. Cochlear implant services
  5. Pre-school training
  6. Academic support
  7. Parental guidance and counseling

Speech training involves PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, PRAISE AND POSITIVE APPROACH. Each word has to be repeated hundreds of times. The child has to be praised and patted for very little successes. We instill hope in the parent and child by offering a relaxed, lively, happy and learning environment. We are a team of dedicated professionals who work with a missionary zeal to habilitate the hearing impaired child and make him confidant, self-supporting and useful citizen of society. We offer the children with hearing loss the capability to :-

A Aspire to achieve his dreams

S Speak like a normal child

H Hear the sounds & music of the world around him

A Ability to live life independently