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Our Services

Our main focus is on

Parental Guidance and Counselling

Since parents play the most vital part in the process of growth of their children

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Academic support

Academic support Additional academic support is rendered to the children who have been int

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Pre-School Training for Young Children

This programme is reserved for children below the age group of 5 years.

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Cochlear Implant Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Services

We have the largest, oldest and most intensive Cochlear implantation programme running in

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Speech and Language Therapy

We provide individualized therapy sessions, where the child is made to learn the language

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Appropriate Digital Hearing Aid Fitting

Young children do not understand the technicalities of a hearing aid; therefore it is impo

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Audiological diagnostic services with latest diagnostic tools

Serves the purpose of identification of type and degree of hearing loss the child suffers.

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